Amico del Petto is a free translation of the Dutch word 'boezemvriend' which means friend of the heart or closest friend. We choose this breeder name because it represent the bond between us and our dogs.

We are Tineke (married with Andre) and Corine (married with Theo) 2 sisters who share the same passion: Dogs!
After owning a Rottweiler, Labrador and a Bull Mastiff we came in contact with the Cane Corso. Immediately we fell in love with this fantastic breed! We bought our first Cane Corso in 2002.

By owning the Cane Corso we experienced how great they are and we get the desire to give our contribution to the breed. In January 2005 this dream came true, our first Amico del Petto litter was born!

If you want more information about us, our dogs or upcoming litters please contact us.
We are working on complete English version of our website but it will take some time.