Amico del Petto Diavoletto
roepnaam: Camillo

Wij melden ons weer even met wat nieuws bij jullie. Onze “Grande Dame“ Chiara is begin Juni met 12 ½ jaar gestorven.
Camillo en Sally Brown hebben haar erg gemist. Onze roedel was niet meer compleet en Camillo en Sally waren erg radeloos en in verwarring.
Per toeval werden wij opmerkzaam van een kleine Cane Corso Puppy. Wij zijn met onze twee daar heen gereden en die 3 hebben zich besnuffelt. Nu woont de kleine Lui sinds 4 weken bin ons.
Sally heeft de rol van Chiara overgenomen en bemoederd haar heel goed . Hij leerd snel van Camillo en Sally en hij voeld sich helemaal thuis bij ons.
Camillo krijgt steets meer grijze haren in zijn donker gezicht. Hij word ook rustiger en jaagt niet meer op  elke haas.

Groeten van Steffi en Michel.


thank you so much for your birthday greetings. Everthing is fine with camillo,chiara and sally and we hope this will last a long time!! He got some grey hairs, looking really good ;))
best regards

oals beloofd hier weer een paar foto´s van Camillo en Sally Brown.
Die twee zijn een hart en ziel. Ze doen alles samen en hebben veel plezier. Sally daagt Camillo uit om te spelen en Camillo doet het graag met haar. Die foto´s zeggen alles.

Liefe groeten

Steffi, Michel, Chiara, Camillo en Sally Brown.

Wij hebben weer wat nieuws te berichten. De dikke vriendschap tussen Camillo en Cooper is niet zo goed gegaan als dat wij gehoopt hadden. Er zijn 3 vechtpartijen geweest tussen Camillo en Cooper waarbij Cooper erg gewond geraakt is. Cooper heeft hem niet losgelaten en dan heeft Camillo uit wanhoop gebeten. Wij konden het niet meer controleren omdat die honden
overdag 3 uur alleen zijn. Cooper is dan in Oktober weer terug naar zijn trainerin. Wij waren allemaal geschokt en zeer droevig .
Omdat wij wat misten en Chiara steeds stiller en ouder wordt, hebben wij sinds 2 weken een nieuwe hond. Een kleine Cane Corso Mix meisje met de naam Sally Brown. Zij is nu 14 weken oud en zij voelt zich al helemaal thuis bij ons. Camillo is haar grote held. Ze spelen de hele dag samen en Camillo let heel goed op Sally Brown .Camillo is met zijn nieuwe vriendin heel vrolijk en actief.
Tot ziens , wij zullen regelmatig berichten en fotos sturen.



Wij hebben nieuwe Fotos voor jullie. In Oktober heeft Columbo ons verlaten, wij moesten hem laten inslapen. Camillo en Chiara hebben lang om hem getreurd. Voor Camillo was het bijzonders erg. Eigenlijk wilden wij ook geen derde Hond meer , wij hebben dan na een paar weken per toeval een 6 maanden oude American Bulldog in een Dierenasiel ondekt. Ik ben met Camillo en Chiara naar het Dierenasiel gereden en hebben de Hond opgezocht. Camillo en de kleine Cooper waren meteen dikke vrienden. Wij hebben hem meegenomen en Camillo was weer uitgewisseld, weer blij en gelukkig. Die twee razen de hele dag, Camillo is Coopers grote voorbeeld en Chiara past op dat die twee niet te veel ravotten.
Camillo is heel erg volwassen geworden.
Ik heb een paar Fotos gemaakt die spreken van zelf. Veel vreugde hiermee.

Steffi + Michel

The saddest moment in 2010 was the day when we have to say good bye to  our lovely mastiff Columbo. In Oktober he passed away. We miss him!Also Camillo and Chiara. Camillo become more serious and quiet, so we 
decided to look for a young dog. 2 weeks ago we took Cooper, a five 
month old american Bulldog from the animal shelter. Till now he was 
not very lucky in his short life. But now Camillo and he are best 
friends and they play all the time. Camillo is lucky again and we 
too. :-)
Send you some pics and the best wishes for 2011!!

best regards

Steffi und Michel

here some pics. Camillo likes running throug the deep snow as fast as he can an he tried to eat snow while he is running. It's so funny to see this crazy dog playing in the snow.

See you in march
Michel & Camillo


Ik weens jullie noch veel plesier met de nieuwe puppies.  Ontzettend leuk.
Excuseer mij voor het slechte Nederlands. Ik kann het dan beter spreken dan schrijven.
Opniew 3 fotos van Camillo, 1 uur oud.
Groeten uit Duitsland
Michael en Camillo…

Even en mail met fotos van onsere prachtige Camillo. Hij heeft veel plesier an de Lente…de heele dag aan het spelen, rennen en gek doen.
Groeten uit Duitsland
Michael en Camillo

just some pics from today ..... playing with Camillo..... hope you enjoy
Steffi und Camillo

first off all, congratulation to you and Benga! I saw the puppies on
your HP. They are so sweet!  I guess you are very busy in these days..
Finally we made some pictures at the weekend to give you an idea of
camillo. Pretty difficult to take a pic from this dog, because he is
always in hurry. I hope one fine day we made a pic to give you an
impression how pretty he is.
Without any stress camillo got the lead of the pack in the last month.
Chiara needed a surgery of her cruciate ligament, she is on the mend,
but Camillo took her leading position in this time. He is a very
selfconfident and social dog. Till this time, there are no stress with
other male or female dogs.

Now I have to go to work, have a nice day



Fresh pics from the sundaymorning walk. Camillo an his good friend the irish setter girl Jeany. He loves her a lot!! Enjoy the pics and have a good start in the next week.
Camillo and Steffi

just a life sign to tell you everthing is fine with Camillo. He is alive and kicking, doing all day nonsens, like flush out the birds on the field or give Chiara a hard time  by pinching her in her hindleg. It seems to be his ultimate proof of love.
Still eating is his most favorite occupation, every morning on 6 o`clock he is nearly dying for hunger. Because he is such a brave dog on Sunday he could wait till 7 o`clock – but then it´s high time for breakfast. By now he is ca. 70 cm high, I think he is a little bit to big for the standard….  We tought about ask his breeder to exchange him to a smaller dog, but I´m afraid without Camillo we couldn´t be on time in the morning. J
Steffi and Camillo


enclosed some pics from Camillo, only a few minutes old…..
In my opinion you never breed a more beautiful dog! J

Finally I made some pics. As you can see, the wound looks very good, and the little devil could sit some seconds before he was in hurry again... ;-)


sorry for writing back so late….... for a teacher there is a lot to do before the holidays can start.
Yesterday we went to the doc for taking the stitches out. The wound looks very good, the doc was indeed very satisfied. The only thing which is nearly impossible is keeping Camillo in rest. When we take a walk it´s easy, because he is on the lead but in the house he drives me crazy. You know our house. For example: He rest in the corridor near the front door and hear something in the garden. Then he start up quickly, run to the gardendoor, jumping over the 2 stairs and break sharply seeing that the door is close. The only way to stop him could be a box or a long lead in the house. But I´m afraid to put him on a lead in the house when I´m at work, and when I´m home I do everything to bar him from running and jumping. The doc said that it would take half a year till camillo can run and play like the other dogs. So we can´t make it with the reunion. We are very sad because of that, but I hope we can come at the end of the year. Since 5 days I stopped giving Camillo the Rymadil.  He is still limping but he is  getting better every day. I think that we are on a good way,  if only the little silly dog would be a little bit careful!
Steffi und Camillo


Yesterday we visited Camillo, it was great to see him again. When Steffi opened the door Camillo first had to think: Do I know you? But then he was like: Yeah I know you, I know you! he was happy and excited and we got a lot of kisses:) It was nice to see how he get along with his 'brother' Columbo and 'sister' Chiara. Camillo showed us how well he can listen and that he do everything to get a goodie:) He can even bark on command!
Here are some pics

Playing with Chiara

Columbo just watch and see what those crazy dogs are doing:)

Now I'm the boss!!

Too fast for the camera:)

Steffi thank you for the hospitality, we enjoyed the visit and we are happy to see that Camillo is living in a dog paradise!


Just a few lines to tell you everything is fine. Camillo grows up (28,8 kilo by now) and graduate the next dog-school class. Mostly he is very obidiente, sometimes he is bullheaded….  then he looked to us as if he never ever heared a word like „ Platz or Sitz“. Doubtless this is only because he forgot the german words! For sure!  With his rood (waggle, waggle)he ask for understanding  and some goodies…..
Eastern we visited a friend of mine near the North Sea. She has 3 bullterrier and all dogs had al lot of fun running on the dike. Camillo is further a very selfconfident dog, but he learned that he had to respect the older an bigger dogs. But with his charme he allways tries to twist all of them on his big paw. I send you some pics.
See you

Camillo is looking forward to your visit, as you can see (on the attached pic) he rehearsed every day the salutation of you with his friends…:-)

sometimes a dog had to rest and think about what he will do next……. I´m glad that I have catched this moment with the camera…. Isn´t he lovely?

yesterday I forgot to send you the nicest pic, here it is……

I don´t know if you could see it on the fotos but every day Camillo looks similar to his father Sirias. First and foremost the head. Fore the moment the head is a little bit to small for the body, but I hope that will change J.
Greetings Steffi

we are very sad, because of Enzos accident and want to send him our best wishes, hope he get well soon!

With Camillo everything is fine. He is always hungry as a bear, and we see him growing every day. Next week he gets his second vaccination. He is still very self confident with other dogs, but he is also clever to notice if a dog doesn´t like to play with him….. and Chiara (an me J)  is always on his side to protect him when we meet other dogs. Because of that he feels sometimes al little bit too strong I think! When  other dogs shy away, he never noticed that this is because of Chiara …..
In the puppy course he had a lot of fun with the other puppies. At home he is very brave. It seems to me, as if he is a long time with us, not only 4 weeks.
Enjoy the pics…. :-)

So tired after the puppycourse, see attached pics. :-)
Could you see how bright and shiny his coat is? He looks very good, i think it depends on the raw food. He grows very constant and I´m glad that you ask me to barf him. Otherwise I had bought some kibble….
Steffi und Camillo

Just some pics:-)

yesterday evening we went to the puppy group. Unfortunatly it was dark, so we couldn´t take any pics. But we were so busy in the group, even when we have light enough, we hadn´t any time to take some pic.
 Meeting the other puppys camillo sats between my feets and looked around 2 minutes. Than he run to the biggest and oldest male, a 15 week old russian terrier. He lies his little paw on his back, the terrier looked irritated and camillo showed him his teeth and snarled. Although I knew he is very self-confident, I was a little bit surprised.  We have to keep two eyes on him in the future! Luckily he has a great will to please and to lern. More than all other puppys I know. He is a really  good dog!  
Today he was 3 hours alone in the house (with the older dogs) while i was at work, and everything was clean when I returned!
Enclosed a pic from the lovely  Mr. Big ;-)
Greetings Steffi und Camillo

today we went with Camillo to the Vet, for his first vaccination. In the city he was very excited because of the street noise. We have to train an work with him, so that he lose his fear.
By the vet he was so tired from the excitement that he slept on the operating table.
Today he have 9,5 Kilo and he is „pumperlgesund“
Next week we start with the puppy school. I´m curious how he will make it. Send you new fotos then!
Greetings Steffi

just want to send you 3 pics from today and tell you everything is ok!. Camillo play with the other dogs and is not shy anymore. Yesterday he tried to drink by chiara and she was a little bit confused! Today the weather was very stormy and camillo was a little bit scared. Outside he sat between my feets and shivers. Columbo an Chiara sat on my right and my left side and wait. After a while he noticed that he will survived the storm….. and played again.  He stole Chiara´s best toy, now it´s in his box,…. great to see how proud he was! J
Greetings from Camillo and Steffi

so difficult to take a pic from a pup……. If he is not sleeping! Camillo plays with everything he can find in the garden, and he is so quick, sorry for the bad pics, i have to exercise myself…
I tried to do like you told me, pick up camillo when he is sleeping and lay him in his box. Very quick he is back an fall again in sleep by our feets or in the middle of the kitchen even when I´m cooking. When we are in bed (his box stands besides our bed) he lays very brave in front of the box.. hmmm
Today I wanted to make a short walk with him in the near wood. I put him the collar and the lead on an carry him the few meters to the wood. But when i put him on the ground, my lovely dog chanced in a billy goat. Nothing could move him forwards. When I put the lead off he walked very pleased beside me! After a short while i turn around to go home. I saw that he was a bit in hurry to come home and so I put the lead again on. And, who wonders, Camillo walked well- behaved like a adult dog. He is very, very intelligent and we are so glad with him.
So far till now
Steffi und Camillo

just a short message to tell you, everything is ok. Camillo slept the whole time on the way home. His first way in his new home was in the kitchen and he ate his meal completely in less than 2 minutes. The bigger dogs are interested but he is a little bit shy. At this moment he lays beside me (and his box) and snore.
The garden is to big an to cold for him, he prefer to pee inside J.
I bought a great box for him, but he isn't interested although we build him a nest inside. Only with the help of a bone, he goes inside. As i close the door for 2 seconds he began promptly to cry. Hope he will get used to it, because for his own safety when i have to go and buy some food. Think we have to practice it every day a few minutes.

The first photos, hope they make it a little bit easier for you.


P.S. Saw at home how much food and toys you gave us. Thank you so much. I think camillo will not be hungry in the next few days..;-)

P.S.S during the time I wrote you fabio go with camillo in the box…. A nice picture, they are both very relaxed an satisfied….

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