Amico del Petto Bright Star  

Because Bright star is living with Crt and Nina in Slovenia she have an English page.

Brihta have her own website.


Brihta and family on holiday in Netherlands, camping in our backyard;-)

Gorga and Fanta, daughters from Brihta's last litter.

Brihta on holiday..

During her holiday Tineke have visited Crt, Nina and of course Brihta. On 25th of May Brihta became mother of her second litter so there was a lot of hugging to do;-) I had a great time and the puppies are so beautifull!


3 from today,...

This is the reason why we don't have 4 dogs. There is no room for one more

It is -12°C outside and dogs are freezing

Relaxing Very Happy


I think she will be crazy forever Laughing Laughing

New dog in our house Laughing Laughing Only for a week Razz Maltese Taj

His owner is on holidays so he is staying with us at the moment Laughing It is so wierd to have a small dog Laughing

Last month we lost our cat Frajer - best cat ever ofcourse! And house without a cat isn't a home so from last Sunday our house is richer for two new cats Smile Brother and sister Janez (John) and Pupa (Babe), 1 year old.

I think that Tisa and Brihta are most excited because of new cats Smile

Pupa on left and Janez on Right

This cat wasn't used on dogs before but after 24 hours in our home, he alredy sleept with Brihta Very Happy

And proud Tisa with her new cat Janez

As usually we also this year organized dog picnick for members of Slovenian dog forum Pesjanar. This time there was more then 50 peoples and 40 dogs!! We are very proud because all dogs where playing together and we didn't have any problems with them.

We where there this time with our 3 dogs and Chatty.


Some new photos... Yesterday we where in the mountains. We reached almost 1000m (actually it was 961m Razz). With all 3 dogs and kids. Tisa walk all the way just by her self, I'm so pround on her Laughing

And one head shot

First show for Brihta this year. She have some practice with Ursa, for Raduno.
CAC, BOB, - a bit too long, neck too short Rolling Eyes , too much wrinkles, nice movement, correct head,

One of our SAR practice...

So let me see.... Crt told me that there is one lost person in this forest... hmmm

Yeeeey I found him Cool

You are such a great girl!

But so tired

And for reward she get swimming in the sea

Yeeeeeeey! :d Happy birthday to brothers and sisters!! Wish you many many more.

We didn't have time to make cake, but she even don't care about food. She care about this...


She love toys, so we give her best toy ever Very Happy

Hello from Snowy Slovenia:) We have around 40cm of fresh snow and around 40cm old frozen one Laughing So everywhere you look it is only snow Laughing Dogs are crazy about that ofcourse, kids also, but we are a bit sick of it Razz Here is around -10°C for the last week but they say that it will be "better" tomorrow Rolling Eyes -18°C in the morning. What a life Rolling Eyes

And now the photos of course...

Lake is frozen

Let is snow let is snow... finally

And our crazy Senior Laughing

And after running and playing she have to take care for our little cat (his name is Mass we find him in a shoping center, when they where trying to kick him out, now he is in our home until people from "cat shelter" don't find him new home)

And after that Tisa Gaja and Val Bor give her a great massage Laughing

SNOOOOOOOOOOOW Laughing YeeeeeeeeeeeeeY



Now she is...SAR DOG!!! Very Happy Today she pass the exam - searching for people in collapsed buildings. She has to find 2 hidden persons in 15 minutes Laughing And she find both in 5 minutes Laughing Laughing Also obstacles and obedience was ok so they finaly made it Very Happy

Dancing Dancing Dancing Dancing


We where on two dog shows this weekend.
In saturday Brihta was CAC, CACIB and BOB
and today she was CAC and R.CACIB So now with 4 CAC(2 from CAC shows and two from CACIB's) and more than 366 days between first and last one, she become Slo. Ch. Laughing Laughing Of course we have to thanks to Brihtas great handler Nina Bešter Cool


10-08-2009 Brihta give birth to 5 females and 2 males.
For more information click on the photo

Nina, her handler was here few days ago and she said that her head change a lot so we also make one head shot...

"You think that I will be a mum? You must be joking Razz "

Still crazy Brihta Cool

Few photos from today...
She dont need a professional handler, she can do it on her own...


So now you can see that she is still crazy about balls Rolling Eyes


It is nothing special just a few minutes of obedience...

I hope this one with better music is working...

Youtube dont allowed video with my music Rolling Eyes


Hardest thing for Brihta in SAR work... walking on ladder

Some new photos from today.

She is all crazy when she see a ball Rolling Eyes

And....poor Rumba

Today we were on dog show. Brihta was first time in open class, with two other females. She get exc. 1, CAC, BOB againt a cropped male Cool
4 corsos where entered.

from BIS ring
And with male for BOB

Yesterday we where on biggest dog show in Slovenia. In the morning there was CACIB Ljubljana and in the evening special dog show for large breed and molosses.

In the morning judge was Otto Schrimf (Austria). In intermediate class where 4 females, only one exc, Brihta very good 1 Rolling Eyes Helper of the judge said she is great, but if she would be cropped... Rolling Eyes Confused But he give a lot of very goods so maybe it isnt so bad Confused

In the evening, on special dog show for Cane corso judge was Rafael Malo Alcrudo (Portugal), he was in love with Brihta. In inter. class only 2 females and she get exc.1 CAC, but she didnt became club winner, judge said that she is great but after one year she will be perfect - so female from open class win Razz
Oh special thanks to Nina Bešter again, for handling my monster Very Happy Very Happy

Bye, Nina

And future junior handler...

Last few days in Slovenia is freezing cold. Today in the morning was -16C Shocked But we are training anyway, today was really too cold and Brihta is in the middle of heat, but yesterday we where working Razz

And one training for show. Of course Nina is a lot better than me, my job is only to learn her stand still and that she allow to move her legs Razz

We have some snow again Razz I know that you love it so I will jst add some photos

Today we where in the mountains...

Start running and be prepared for jump...

...and your nose is under snow (important notice for dogs that would like to do that - you have to have at least 20cm of snow, unless you will hit the ground :lol)

"corso look"

And still crazy about frisbee


WE are really busy, but just to let you know that we are still alive, and everything is ok over here Wink

And this is Faunos daughter Razz

Today we had SAR exams. Brihta as we expected didn't make it. She is still too young Razz In searching she get 175 points out of 200, which is great, but in obedience she get only 27 out of 50, and she would need at least 35. But I think that this is for a young and crazy dog as she is great result.
But Rumba make it, so now she is official SAR dog!!

This one is from one of our last trainings.

Oh and few days ago we had a visit, our friend with her Australian shepherd so I have to show you one photo...

She is getting better and better in swimming. I was totally surprised.

and Laughing Laughing

all together

Last weekend Brihta and of course her family Crt, Nina and Tisa visited us. They stayed with us from Friday till Monday morning and we really had a great time. On Friday Brihta meet her mom Benga I think they both remembered each other Benga was happy to see her and Brihta was welcome in her own house. Resting together:

On Saturday we went for a walk on the beach with a lot of Amico's pics of that you can find in an other album.
On Sunday we went to the Raduno where Brihta did meet some more family pics of the show you can also find in an other album.
But while we where waiting to enter the ring Nina did train a bit obedience with Brihta. It's so great to watch them together Nina and Crt put both a lot of energy in Brihta and than you get pics like this;-)

On Monday morning we relished that we forgot to take the 3 generation pics. Of course we had to make them.
Brihta waiting with mom for grand mom 

Look there she is.

I think I have got to run..

...because she looks angry.

Pff she just want to be the boss and that's fine with me.

Grand mom Bounty, mom Benga en me Brihta I think you can see that we are family;-)

Crt and Nina thanks again for you're visit it was great to have you and Brihta and Tisa here!

Today we had a dog picnic, there was more than 20 dogs of course we where also with all 3 ours Laughing And I was totally surprised that Brihta was behaving so nice.

Today Nina Bešter was on a visit, girl that handle her on last show. She will also handle her on show in end of August, so they where practicing a bit...




this are not the best photos but just that you will see that she know how to swim... of course she know she is growing up with two golden retrievers. But her swimming style is bad, really bad Rolling Eyes

Getting ready
And again with feet on the ground


Don't Try this at home... Embarassed

Today my sister handle her, she was again excellent, CAC, BOB Cool Cool Laughing Judge was Pietro Marino - Italy. Description I will post later.

And one more photo from Sunday show... while she was running around

Today we finally get excellent Cool She was also CAC and BOB Shocked Laughing 3 Corsos were entered, all Slovenians, one male and two females Cool

Judge: Alenka Černe Slovenia

Description: 15 months old, strong female, exc. type, nice front, nice back line, good front and back angulation, nice movement, great handling.

Today Crt didnt handle her, but our friend Nina Bešter, she compet in junior handling from time to time, and today she try it with Brihta and they were really great together. So big thanks to Nina for this succes.

I think that this are last snow photos this winter...



This was only a practice, but with very hard conditions for young dog without experiences, but she did a great job, again Cool
You can see a lot of material of collapsed building, there was very strong wind (look brihtas ears), raining, ... Place where we where working is looking like this.
On first photo is Brihta and marker (the hidden person). He was waiting for Brihta to start barking and on second one you can see, Crt give her a reward (play) for find person.

She was great, but because she is too crazy, she cut herself on this iron wires you can see on the photo, on first and back legs. But it is nothing serious. We are working a lot on this that she would be less crazy, it is not ok if dog is searching on places like that without head, she must use her head not only nose, she is doing better and better, she is less crazy, and she is great girl really. And when she will start using head she will be amazing.

And one more thing... we weight her yesterday and she is 42,4kg, and we entered her on show that Vandoni is judging on 19th of April.

it is nothing special just a few moments when we put her collar off and say "Search". Everytime when we do that she bark, you will see on a movie and it is look like she would say "Yes Sir, I'm going!!


Hi, let me just brag a little with what we have done this weekend with Brihta Very Happy Cool

This weekend Brihta had her first real experience with snow (about 1,5m of it), we had a training seminar for Avalanche Search Dogs and Brihta and Rumba were having a great time.
During the two-day seminar Brihta learned that people could also be hidden under snow and that she must dig them out Smile The learning process is divided in 3 major disciplines: searching, digging and pulling out of the "grave".
I can say with confidence that searching is easy for Brihta, she really knows how to use her nose, it didn't matter if I was buried under 10cm or 1,5m of snow, she found me in a moment.
Pulling out of the grave wasn't hard for her either, first couple of times she was a little confused and didn't want to go in the cavern made of snow right away, but soon she broke the fear of small places and in the end she made great.
The only thing this "Sicilians" don't have in their blood is the reflex to dig into snow (I guess the snow was too cold for her little paws Rolling Eyes Very Happy ). So this is one thing we still have to train and I'm sure she'll get the hang of it.
Bye, Crt

One nice photo of her head

Today we where on a show. Judge was Monique van Brempt (Belgium).

Description is:very nice young bitch, needs to body up, exc. tipe, eyes could be better, a good proportions in the body, nice coat, nice temperament, young in movement.

And Only very good Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes

She was showing to Casius how do crazy corsos look like

Diezel, Brihta, Auguste, Bufera, Bruce, Tycha, Spike Congratulations for your first birthday!!! We wish you all the best!

I know that you love action photos, dont you? Very Happy So few more...

She is still crazy Rolling Eyes

Today she become a women Shocked She is in heat Cool

We where on show today, she get very good. Judge was Gabriele Dondi - Italy. 5 females in young class. The description of the judge is:
Typical head, nice dark eyes, too big lips, strong neck, strong shoulders, nice movement, good profil...
Nice description but only very good... maybe next time we will have more luck.


Real thing...

She is like greyhound Shocked

Snow, snow, snow..

Finally we have snow!! Cool
All together



One just for fun Cool Laughing


Brihta at work;-)


Brihta and Tisa playing together


Now here is really nice weather, cold but sunny so we also make some photos outside...

You need two dogs to get her down

But it is not easy with her

She has to know who is the boss here...

At the end of the fight

9 months old

And she is monster Shocked

and almost all together

Some new photo's...

And todays video...

Few photos again, We think that on this photos Brihta really looks a lot like Benga. What do you think?
Bye, nina

Just few photos... of Brihta

New photos for all that would like to see CraZy dog... Laughing Cool

She get very promising and nice description. She was again the only one in puppy class and also the only one with ears Rolling Eyes . There where 9 corsos entered most of them from Hungary and both females that where already on last show.
Judge description for Brihta is:
good type, nice type of head, bite is correct, chest is wide enough, good back angulations, nice movement, soft joints
Judge was Nemanja Jovanovič from Serbia.

Two movies from yesterday training. She did a great work, she also play and search for stranger Shocked She is crazy... you will see Wink


We never thought it would happen so soon, but last weekend we had the opportunity to visit Brihta in Slovenia. We leaved at Friday with Biker and Benga as our gards. We stayed the night over at Austria and after a long drive we arrived on Saturday at the Slovenian border where Crt, Nina, Tisa and Brihta where waiting for us. It was so great to see Brihta again and Brihta was happy to see us again;-) We droved to a beautiful lake to make a walk. As always Benga first had to tell Brihta that she is mom the boss  after that we started to walk and after a while the dogs could swim in the lake.

After the walk we went to the house of Crt and Nina where we had a good bbq, after that there where some people who wanted to meet the mom and uncle of Brihta with them we made again a walk in a beautiful environment and round a lake. 

Brihta with her mom Benga.

Brihta is a braver girl than her mom as always Benga didn't have the patient to stay long;-)

Biker, Benga and Brihta.

And of course Brihta had to pose for the camera.

After that we where very tiered of the long drive and went to sleep and the next morning we had to say goodbye because we wanted to visit Degli Elmi kennel in Italy and we wanted to be home on Monday morning.
Crt and Nina thank you very much for your hospitality we had a great time, it was so good to see how happy Brihta is she really is a sweet, crazy and beautiful girl.  


So today was big day for Brihta and of course also for us. She get very promissing Applause Applause Applause , she was the only one in the class. Description of the judge Lidija Oklescen is: big bones, nice head - but eyes are a little bit to open, chest is nice developed, good angulations, nice movement for her age.
And she was really good girl;) Applause


New photos in my album.... Socialization with horse and a few from a trip in Jezersko this is a lake in the middle of the mountains

Dirty Brihta Laughing

Brihta 5 months old:


We are really proud on our "little" girl Applause
Bye Nina & Crt

Brihta had a visit today... This is Can from Tanzarella kennel. Its just too bad that she had a surgery yesterday so she couldn`t run around with him. Red_Colorz_PDT_33 Red_Colorz_PDT_33

New action photos in water. She swim today Shocked Photos are here in the middle and then on next pages.
And in my friends album:

Monster Rolling Eyes

Hey Corine... I have some new photos for you Wink
Check my album

But just a few of my favorite:

Hey Corine I have new photos for you. Today we have a visit a friends of us, they own 3 Bernese mountain dogs, and because she have better camera then me, I ask her to make some photos of Brihta.
So here they are:

She would swim but water wasn`t high enough Laughing But she was so crazy in water, our golden retrievers are crazy about water, but she... Shocked is like little devil Twisted Evil
There were also three bernese mountain dogs and we think that she would like to play with others, one male is 7 months old so he is also a crazy child like she... but no she was all the time playing and runing just with Rumba Rolling Eyes
And about her weight I don`t know. I will ask Crt to weight her, she is too hevy for me already Rolling Eyes But I think that she is around 25, but she is reaaaally skiny. She is very acctive, runing and playing all the time and she grows up so fast the she would eat a cow per day if we would give her Laughing

I am sending you two photos of Brihta, Owner of this photos also allowed me that you put them on the web.
I hope you didn't check all the albums Crt send you the links :D So here are the photos of Brihta (and this is not all) I hope that I could also send you some movies from this picnic, but we didn`t have time to do them, so I don't have no photos and no movies, this are all from other members from forum:

She believe she can fly :)

Her skin is so big :D 

This one is not so good but any way, Brihta stay in her place that is most important ;D

After 3 hour of running and playing with other dogs :

We don't give her no food

And this one is sooo sweet! This girl is 15 months old :

People from forum start calling her famous Brihta ;D because there is so many photos of her.
Oh yea Brihta and Tisa Gaja... Brihta give kisses on Tisa Gaja legs all the time when I hold her in  my arms, so I think that they will go great together, but because she is so jumpy crazy dog we are still very careful .
Bye Nina

Videos are online:

For now we are working tricks just for fun but you never know;) Today we try to work walking backwords and roll on her back... so after a month or two I will send you this tricks ;D Also I think that for now she is doing great :D

We have some interesting news this week, Brihta had the ultimate socialization test. Yesterday we had a picnic with members of the PeSjanar.Si forum. There were about 20 dogs, 30 people and some of them where children aged from 1 - 11 years. She behaved incredibly cool, she ran around with the dogs, had a lot of fun and never showed any type of aggression or dominance (except towards Rumba, the dominance part of course :)). She accepted all the people with a waggling tail and let them pet her and do very much everything. We were afraid the most what will she do around little children, but she treated them really gentle and let them pet her and everything, so we were really surprised (because she didn't jump all around as she usually does). There were taken a lot of pictures, you will have a lot of work to go trough them.
This are 4 of the web albums that you MUST view ;)
This one is Nina's favorite:










Tomorrow we will try to send the new videos. We've done some training and some showing. She also tried searching this week, but as expected she didn't do very well. We have to work on play with strangers, because she found/chased the marker but when he tried to play with her, she ran away to me and Nina.
This is all for today, we think it's enough ;)
Bye, Crt and Nina (and all the others)

Brihta had a great time at the show, she was behaving very good, even better than at home :D We had her on a harness (if she would pull too much) but we could easily had her on a  rubber string ;) She did want to explore every tent and meet every dog, but she didn't pull. So the things are looking fine for her show career :) And when we came home, she was soooo tired that she fell asleep in a moment (that doesn't happen very often :))
And for the end, we have some great news, Brihta got her export pedigree yesterday :D So we will have no problems entering her for the show. There are also some new pictures of her in the gallery.
Bye Crt & Nina

Sorry for the late report, but we are having some problems with Nina's computer.
Sincerely I don't even know where to start this report, many things have happened since our last report, so I'm really sorry if I'll forget some of them.
Bright is really a good girl, if we succeed to keep her muzzle above the ground :) By now she knows how to sit, lay down, give attention (eyes), touch a hand (useful for targeting), give a paw and some other things. Just today she made her first searches, she had to find me three times. Of course this searches were very easy, just a few meters and I didn't wait for her to bark. She made them very good, she ran straight after me and found me.
Smart and Rumba have completely accepted her into their home, even Frajer isn't afraid of her (so much) anymore. We had a small visitor yesterday (a small kitten that we have found abandoned) and Bright played really nice with it, there's a video of that somewhere, I don't know if Nina put it on the net. She also had some "socialization trips" in the past time, and she passed them with great experiences, so hopefully we won't have any problems with other dogs.
She's growing really quick, she has about 15kg now. She is a little skinny, but I think she's getting the food she needs for good development. She's starting to loose her teeth, she looks very funny.
We are planning to visit a dog show this weekend (just visit, so she'll hopefully get used to the noise and quantity of dogs and other smells). It's a nearby show, that's outside.
    Here are the links to videos that have been uploaded recently:

Best Regards, Crt & Nina (and Tisa Gaja and Smart, Rumba, Brihta, Frajer and the other cats) :D

Today we weighted her, and she has 13,2kg! So she is a big girl :)
There are some new photos in our album.
We would also like to congratulate to all brothers and sisters for their show results :** Kisses from Brihta.

It's one week since we got home from Netherlands and we have much to tell about it.
We have sent you some videos, they are numbered by the time they were made.
So as you have probably guessed the 178 video is filmed at your place, the 180 is the video made when we came home and so on...
Her learning is going well, you have made sit very good, we now just practice it. We have done a lot of "attention" this week and today she has shown that she already understands the word for attention, so we are coming along great. We have already practiced laying down and she's getting better and better.
We don't let her pull on leash, she has to go out the door as the last one, she has to walk behind if the path is narrow. She still sometimes pee's inside, but hopefully she will start to beg to go out sometime soon. At night she's a really good girl, so the only one to shorten our sleep is Tisa ;-)
About relationships to other animals in the household. She is very attached to Smart and Rumba, she just can't sleep if there isn't one of them near her, if she sleeps out of the crate, she almost certainly sleeps on someone's behind or tail :-) At first, Smart was her favorite, but now Rumba has accepted her (started to play with her) and they have much fun together. Frajer is still very afraid of her, but it's getting better, I think in a matter of weeks they will be best friends. The other cats don't have any problems with her.
We are almost finished with switching the food, we have decided to feed her Dog Club Elite, if you want more info about it, I will try to get you more. We usually give our dogs some milk with their kibble from time to time, is Bright used to milk, or should we introduce it very carefully?
About her sounds problem, she doesn't have any problems with waterfalls and similar things, she's not even afraid of the vacuum cleaner, but she's still afraid of the church bells (as I have said, they are very loud here), I think that the origin of this fear is that she doesn't know where the sound comes from (there's an echo from the houses around, and it's impossible to tell where the sound comes from), she will get joust of it eventually.
We decided to sign her up for the show in Trbovlje (It's an outside show, so it's much kinder to visitors and contestants as inside shows are), we have to sign her up till 17th of August and we are wondering if we will get Bright's pedigree till then?
The parents of Nina say she has grown, but we don't see it :-D Probably because we see her all the time.
Bye, Crt & Nina

Smart already knows he's sweet, but I will tell him one more time. The other cats in our house are "left overs" from my brother, who was here before, we have managed to give away one of the cats but there are still 3 of them. We feed them, but they are not ours :-D
Frajer will be OK in time, he just needs more time to accept newcomers. Maybe he would not be so frightened if Bright wouldn't bark at him ;-)
She does know Tisa Gaja is here, but she doesn't give much attention to her.
We knew that Corsos are snorers, but we didn't know that they snore so loud when they are puppies and less when they grow up. We don't mind the snoring, she sleeps in the living room ;-)
The name Brihta is kind of a Bright Star in Slovenian, yes. Actually it means a man that is very wise, sometimes too wise.
Yes, I have rested now, but fortunately we still have holiday tomorrow. Yea, I also think it's normal that she was confused on the gas stations so I didn't worry about that, and I also don't worry about the noises, it's natural that they scare her the first time. You should hear the bells at our place, they are just too loud, I guess catholic fanatics live here :-) Today we went again on the same path and her tail was waggling all the time, so she wasn't scared anymore. You can't believe it, a man stepped to us on this walk (there are a lot of people around the lake on day like this) and asked if this is a Cane Corso :-O So she's already a star, she was bright before :-P
Rumba still ignores her, but I think that when she will see that she can play with her, she will love her.
Best regards, Črt
Crt here. As I promised, I will tell more about the trip and arrival.
Bright was great during the trip, she slept all the time, so the drive was as pleasant as possible. We stopped about 6 times, 3 times for Bright, so she could do her stuff, there was really no problem. On the border they didn't even look at the passport they just asked "do you have her in the car?" so there were no problems either.
Bright was a bit confused on the stops, there were probably too much new scents and a bunch of strange people and vehicles around her, but she managed that quite good.
It's good that we went that early, there were no traffic jams yet, but two hours later there would certainly be 2-3 jams (on some parts Germans are repairing the road and there was actually just one lane to drive on)
The last stop we made was 50 km from home, on the Slovenia/Austria border, so she wouldn't pee when Rumba and Smart would jump around her. 
Now about the arrival. When we arrived home I opened the back doors of the car (bright was still in the crate) and let Rumba and Smart smell her, when they did that I let Bright out so they could meet, there was absolutely no problem, Smart mostly ignored her and Rumba just watched her and smelled her a little. Today Bright already plays with Smart (all puppy's love Smart ;)), Rumba is still shy, she mostly just watches them playing. Smart would let Bright do anything with him, so when she gets rough we take her away, so she cools down :)
Bright has no problems with different surfaces whatsoever, I did notice that she has problems with noises. That's probably because you live in a very quiet place :) On the first day she got scared of church bells (they really do make noise) and today she got a bit scared of a small waterfall (probably she couldn't understand what the noise was. But she doesn't panic, she only starts to tremble a little and her tail is between her legs. 
I'll keep you up to date how she's doing and managing her fears.
Bye, Crt
On that pics she is playing with Smart, he is really gentle and let her do anything with him. About the cats... She really like them, did she had any experiences with cats before? Our cat Frajer is really scared when he sees her, yesterday when they arrived we didn't notice at first but she ate all his food, maybe that's why he is angry at her :) but other cats that are in the house (we just feed them they are not ours) likes her a lot and she is very gentle with them. 
I think that she don't know that there is Tisa Gaja :) She have so much work with all the toys and Smart and Rumba that she don't give any attention to her even when she cries.
Oh yes that I will not forget thanks for the CD with photos, her photo album all the instructions and toys.  

Photos of Bright star

We where looking for feeding table on the web :) So thanks for that, we will start mix this food and our food, because we can't buy Topstar in Slovenia, but I think that quality is also good and suitable for large breed dogs.
This time I am sending you some photos in the attachment. They are really bad quality, so in the afternoon I will try to do some good ones. She is moving all the time so I don`t know how you could do such good pics:)
In the morning we already start doing with clicker and she is doing great, I will try to do some movies, about working with her.
Bye Nina
p.s. I am also sending one good pic of Smart and Rumba, It is a lot easier to photo them then Bright :D
Just to let you know that everything is ok over here. Bright is very good girl, she slept all night in her cage without a problem. She would like to play with Smart and Rumba but they ignore her most of the time, so she is just jumping and barking around them when they are playing :)
She is very smart, she already know that is not allowed to go to the kitchen and she must wait outside to get her meal. She really understand the "sit" command and we saw that she would do everything just to get some food :).  
Bye Nina
I'm just saying hello and that we have safely came to home.
More about our trip and arrival later ;-)
bye, Crt 

Today we had to say goodbye to Bright Star, Crt and the father of Nina came to pick her up. It was a pleasant meeting and Bright Star was happy to go with them she couldn't wait to get in the car. We already heard from Nina that she is a good girl during the journey, most of the time she is sleeping and they are almost home.
We will miss you very much little Bright but we know that you will have a very good life with Crt, Nina and little Tisa Gaja and the dogs Smart and Rumba, goodbye sweet girl we hope to hear a lot from you. Crt and Nina we wish you all the best with Bright Star.

Crt and Bright Star:

It will take a few weeks before they can pick her up so I will write from time to time something about her adventures.

Today we went with Bright star, Bono, Britt and Straam to the river. She became very dirty but had a lot of fun;-)

It goes very well with Bright star she have a lot of fun with mom Benga. She walks with all our dogs trough our house and garden. We have trained her with the crate and successfully sometimes she cries a few minutes but she give it up very fast. And sleeps the hole night.

Yesterday she went to school and really surprised me. I had her attention completely we trained the command 'eyes' and she did very it well. She also did the command 'sit' very well. She had to follow me while a was walking with a bag and an umbrella and again full attention. It was just amazing I know that she is a sweet girl who really likes attention but I didn't expect so much, what a smart girl;-)

After the training all the pups may play free her brother Diezel and sister Tycha where also at the puppy training and of course they where playing together but they also had fun with the other puppies.

8 weeks

Bright star 7 weeks

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